Guttering Materials Make a Difference

Choosing a gutter system for your home or business is an important decision that should not be made without researching the types of systems available. Gutters are an integral part of your roofing system and they can also play a role in preventing foundation damage. If you choose a material … Continue reading

How to Plan a Roof for Your Deck

A deck or a patio is a great place to spend time during the warmer months of the year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for the sun or weather to drive you back inside. Nobody wants to spend an afternoon on the deck if it means being uncomfortably warm and … Continue reading

Why Awnings Can Improve Your Summers

Summers can be unbearably hot in many different parts of the country. With rising temperatures and increased humidity, it’s often hard to catch a break from the stifling summer weather. That is why awnings in Columbus can greatly improve your summer. From providing shade in your backyard to cutting utility … Continue reading

The Benefits of Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt driveways and parking lots can provide a beautiful appearance, a high return on investment, and a number of advantages that make it preferable to other types of surface coatings. For instance, asphalt is water resistant, flexible, durable, and offers a great user and ownership experience with minimal maintenance requirements.To … Continue reading

Making Your Home a Safer Place to Live

No matter where you live, you can never be completely assured of your home’s security. It can be subjected to internal problems like fire or carbon monoxide, or external problems like burglars. With an electrician in Columbus, Ohio, like Bob Waibel Electric Co., you can minimize many of these risks … Continue reading

Fix the Drip for Your Pocketbook

The stereotype is that you hear it in the night. Sometime around 2:30 a.m., your subconscious grabs hold of an unfamiliar sound, and it wakes you up. When you realize what you are hearing, you can’t focus on anything else in the dark of the night. Its incessant sounding at … Continue reading

Various Options For Tree Services

Are you interested in tree services in Mentor, OH? Trees are an important part of the environment. Ornamental, fruiting, and shade trees can significantly boost the value of your home. Tree care is not a simple thing, though. Some trees don’t handle certain environments well and need continuous treatment. If … Continue reading